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Coral Reefs at Risk

Coral Reefs at Risk - Inspiring protection through an exhibition

The coral reef bleaching crisis has devastated reefs worldwide. With 30% of the Great Barrier Reef already lost and the potential for 90% coral loss by 2050, urgent action is needed. Our exhibition educates students on coral importance and empowers them to protect these fragile ecosystems.
Sommer 2022 - Exhibition design
Lena van Maris
University project - Exhibition design
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Research, Concept development, UI/UX design, Modelling, Creating explanatory animations, Project Management

What Awaits You On Our Coral Tours?

Coral Habitat Exploration

Corals are categorized as cold-water and hot-water corals based on their habitat. Explore the differences between them through an interactive Earth video.

A Special Partnership - Coral and Fish

Coral reefs are home to various organisms, including clownfish living in sea anemones. Learn about their special symbiotic relationship here.

Understanding Coral's Importance

Why is coral important? Learn about the consequences for the environment and human life without coral in this video.

Interactive Coral Rescue Approach

Discover the human impact on corals and join the rescue mission to protect them. Take action and make a difference.

Design process


The course "Exhibition Design" focuses on designing interactive systems for exhibitions, museums, or trade fairs that enhance people's understanding and enjoyment of different areas of knowledge.

We selected our topic by listing our interests and collectively choosing our favorites. The options available were coral reefs, how animals perceive the world, cancer, and the gender gap in medicine. And each topic was researched.

Theme identification & Design sprint

We  decided on coral reefs due to their significance, relevance, and the need to raise awareness about their threatened biodiversity. Coral reefs are often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, with over 5,000 species discovered so far.


We chose a museum context, specifically an aquarium or nature-themed museum, to showcase our interactive communication system. Our exhibit features a touchscreen placed on a table. Visitors can engage with the touchscreen to explore the content related to nature, coral reefs, oceans, and climate change.

Information architecture

To organize and structure the information we need to explain, we have developed the information architecture.

Narrative form

Our narrative form combines a linear and explorative approach. Users follow a guided storyline, while also having the freedom to explore further through the touch display. The navigation is structured, but additional information can be accessed based on user interest.

Design principles

To create an engaging and informative experience for visitors to learn about corals, we established the following design principles.

Visual design

For the visual design, we chose a colorful and playful 2D with 3d representation. This approach is engaging and easy to understand for our target audience of students aged 10-19. Our main focus was simplicity, and we selectively used detailed illustrations to highlight important aspects of the story.

Click here to go to the Figma Prototype…

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To create a clean and easy-to-use interface, we established a clear layout grid and style guide. This helps maintain consistency in element placement and visual design throughout the app.

Test & Feedback

To ensure our design suited our target audience, we collected feedback from testers who interacted with the interface. Based on their input, we made improvements to the navigation screen position, font size, animation flow, and text readability.

Now Let's Begin Our Journey To Explore And Understand Coral Reefs!

The best part of the project was learning about exhibition design and how to present information in a reliable, easy-to-read, and engaging way. It was an intense but fascinating experience.

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