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VegWay - Easy transition to a plant-based diet

VegWay app is a new version of PETA's VeganStart app. Our user-friendly VegWay app helps people switch to a plant-based diet by offering challenges, articles, and recipes. It makes the transition easier and helps people stick to the new diet for a long time.
Winter 2022 / 2023
Mark Eisele, Nicole Krein
University project - Application design
My Work
Research, Concept development, UI & UX design, Creating illustration animations

What sets VegWay apart?

Customized User Needs

Users can specify their interests and dietary preferences during the onboarding process, enabling the app to provide personalized plans to their needs.

Motivation Booster

The app offers daily vegan knowledge articles and recipes. After completing tasks, users are taken to the homepage where their progress is recorded to motivate them to continue.

Vegan Knowledge Hub

Discover in-depth articles on vegan topics. Stay motivated with daily challenges and engaging animations. Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes.

Vegan Cuisine Adventure

Discover new vegetarian recipes tailored to your preferences every day. The user-friendly cooking interface  makes meal preparation easy.

Design process


During our application design course, we focused on the iterative development of a digital product. Our chosen project was to redesign PETA's VEGANSTART app, which aims to guide users through a transition to a vegan diet. The app includes a 30-day program to facilitate this transition, offering not only recipes but information on a variety of vegan topics.

We studied other similar apps to see how VEGANSTART compares. By conducting a SWOT analysis and organizing the information into categorized tables, we gained valuable insights into the competition.

Key learnings

We started by studying the VeganStart app to understand its features, user feedback, and areas that needed enhancement. We discovered that the app's navigation could be confusing at times, which prompted us to find solutions. Here are the keylernings we have defined:

  • Motivation is overlooked even though it is the most important.
  • The challenge approach needs improvement.
  • The app's design can be perceived as childish and doesn't resonate with the target audience.
  • Excessive text and lack of visual appeal are issues.
  • Users want personalized content and longer transition programs.

User interviews & Survey

We expanded our target audience to include anyone interested in vegetarian or vegan topics, not just transitioning vegans. Through interviews and surveys, we gained valuable insights into their needs.

Our research revealed that most people take 1-3 months to 6 months to change their diet, which is longer than Veganstart's 30-day program. Additionally, over 90% of users expressed a desire for motivation and support, and one-third highlighted the importance of knowledge in staying motivated.

These findings guided us in understanding the factors that support successful transitions to a plant-based diet and identifying the vegetarian topics that interest our users.

Personas & HMW question

After collecting and analyzing the information we gathered, we developed user personas to gain a better understanding of our target audience and their key needs.

Using these personas as a foundation, we formulated "How Might We" questions to guide our design direction. These questions serve as the basis for finding innovative solutions that will delight our users.

Kano modell

The Kano Model helped us gain a clear understanding of the features that are relevant to users and prioritize them in our process.

Concept development

During the design studio workshop, we generated numerous ideas through designmethode like Crazy 8. These ideas ranged from challenge systems and Tamagotchi-inspired concepts to AR visualizations, chats & forums, and mentoring programs.

Delight features

By thinking creatively, we came up with an exciting feature: an extensive knowledge base with countless articles and animations about plant-based nutrition. This feature aims to educate and motivate users, providing them with valuable information and keeping them engaged in their journey towards a plant-based diet.

We aim to support users in their dietary goals without undue pressuring them to change their diet.

User testing & Feedbacks

We created wireframes based on our idea and had three testers from our target audience provide feedback. Their insights helped us make improvements to the screens, such as adjusting font sizes, redesigning the quiz format, and adding a real-time progress display for article reading.

UX and UI design

Our visual design process involved creating mood boards and establishing branded interactions. We opted for a style that resonated with our target audience — personal, motivating, and friendly. The resulting color palette combined natural and calming tones with contrasting elements.

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Illustrationen & Animation

In Vegway, we use appealing illustrations and animations to make the app more enjoyable. For example, when reading articles, there are animated explanations to help users understand the content better. And after finishing an article, users are rewarded with motivating animations to keep them motivated.

Layout grid & Style guid

To create a neat and user-friendly interface, we have established a precise layout grid and style guide. This ensures consistency in the placement of elements and overall visual design throughout the app.

Name change

We changed the name from VeganStart to VegWay to better connect with our target audience, which includes both newcomers and experienced individuals following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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During this project, I gained practical knowledge and skills in app design, specifically in understanding what users need and creating solutions that meet those needs.

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